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How Much Are Petsmart Ferrets

How Much Are Petsmart Ferrets? A Guide To Ferret Prices & Care

Have you ever wondered how much are Petsmart ferrets? Ferrets can make playful and entertaining pets, but they do require specialized care and expenses that go beyond the initial PetSmart ferret price. So how much should you budget if you’re considering one of these lively mustelids? This guide will break down the average cost of ferrets themselves along with their accessories to give you an idea of what to expect.

How Much Are Petsmart Ferrets

How Much Are Petsmart Ferrets? Typical Prices

The cost of ferrets at PetSmart itself typically ranges from $65-$250 depending on the ferret’s age, coloration pattern, and breeder source. An average PetSmart ferret is usually around $100. If you find a ferret under $100, it is likely a “rescue” adoption from a third-party group like the American Ferret Association. These adopted ferrets may be older and come with medical or behavioral issues to work through.

For PetSmart ferrets specifically sourced from commercial breeders like Marshall Farms, you’ll generally spend $100-$250 per kit. Color patterns like “Panda,” “Blaze,” “Roan” or “Angora” ferrets may cost more since they are considered “premium” and drive higher demand. Age also impacts pricing – baby ferret kits 4-12 weeks old cost the most since they still have all vaccine and vet costs ahead of them. Older juvenile ferrets 4-12 months old get cheaper the older they are.

So when starting your search into how much are Petsmart ferrets, expect around $100 per kit but potentially up to $250 for specialized colors or limited availability. Always factor in that Marshall-bred ferrets from pet stores also have higher risks of congenital issues like adrenal disease or insulinoma, compared to privately bred ferrets purchased directly from specialized breeders.

Beyond the ferret itself, an initial setup purchased at PetSmart costs $200-$500+ for all the essential supplies like:

  • Ferret cage/habitat ($100+ for size needed)
  • High-quality cat/ferret food & treats
  • Water bottle & heavy crock dishes
  • Ferret-safe litter like paper pellets
  • Hammocks & fabric items for burrowing/sleeping
  • Toys like tunnels, balls & plush items

So all-in when starting with how much are PetSmart ferrets, you need roughly $300-500+ just for one ferret itself and associated starter supplies for its habitat, feeding, waste, and enrichment needs. And that’s the minimum baseline cost—most ferret owners spend far beyond that on accessories over time.

Ongoing Monthly Expenses Of Ferret Ownership

The true cost of responsible ferret care doesn’t stop with the initial PetSmart ferret price and starter setup alone. These active pets also have regular monthly expenditures to factor in as you estimate “how much are Petsmart ferrets” as an ongoing budget expense, not just a one-time cost.

Monthly expenditures can include:

  • High-Quality Food – Ferrets require 36+ percent protein, high-fat diets akin to feline foods to meet their fast metabolisms and avoid medical issues. Feed costs range from $20-$40+ per month depending on diet choices. Mix quality kibbles with freeze-dried or frozen raw options for the best nutrition.
  • Routine Veterinary Care – Annual checkups and vaccines are essential, along with potential injury costs if these fearless pets get hurt or escape somehow. Budget $100-$300+ per year. Consider pet insurance for accident/illness coverage.
  • Enrichment Items – Keep ferrets mentally and physically active with new hammocks, tunnels, toys, and activities ($10-$40 monthly)
  • Litter & Habitat Upkeep – Replace soiled bedding, litter, and waste items as needed ($10-$30 monthly)

As you can see the recurring costs quickly add up. You must be prepared to spend $50+ in proper monthly care for just one ferret alone—more if you have multiple. Too often new owners are surprised that just purchasing the actual PetSmart ferret itself is only a small fraction of the total expenditures needed for responsible keep over time.

Tips For Affording Ferret Ownership

If your budget doesn’t have room for such recurring costs of at least $50+ monthly, then a ferret may not currently be the ideal pet. Here are some tips to make ferret care more affordable:

  • Adopt Older Ferrets – Leave the expensive baby kits to breeders and show homes. Ferrets over 1 year old have lower initial vet costs and supply needs.
  • Choose Healthy Foods Wisely – Purchase high-quality cat or ferret kibbles in bulk during sales to lower long-term food costs.
  • DIY Enrichments – Make homemade tunnels from tubing/piping and cardboard boxes instead of pricier retail options.
  • Join Ferret Clubs – Connect with local ferret shelters and breeders through groups like the American Ferret Association for support, advice, and veterinary assistance programs.

The investment of time and costs are high but caring for these energetic, amusing pets brings many joys. Understanding all that responsible ferret owners spend in monthly care is key in deciding if you have the budget and lifestyle for enjoying one of these unique pets both now and long term.

So ultimately, how much are PetSmart ferrets? Plan on an initial $300+ investment for the ferret itself and starter supplies. Then ongoing costs of $50+ monthly for high-quality foods, veterinary care, accessories, and habitat maintenance. Ensure you can fully provide for a ferret’s complete welfare needs over its 6-8-year lifespan before deciding if this is the right pet. With realistic planning, however, a wonderful furry friend could await at your local PetSmart!


Why are ferrets so expensive to buy upfront at PetSmart? 

As domesticated exotic pets bred by specialized commercial suppliers like Marshall Farms, ferrets require tailored veterinary care and breeding processes that drive up the initial purchase price to cover these costs. Their unique care and shorter supply also cause higher market pricing.

Does PetSmart sell ferret cages or do I need to purchase separately? 

You will need to buy a metal cage or large enclosed habitat from a separate retail store or online provider as the proper ferret housing is not sold directly in PetSmart stores.

What’s the difference between a “premium” colored ferret at PetSmart vs a regular one? 

Special color patterns like Panda, Blaze, or Angora will cost more at PetSmart because they are considered rare or desirable. But remember that coloration alone shouldn’t impact your decision – focus on overall healthy temperament instead!

How often do I need to replace items like ferret litter or bedding? 

Expect to scoop soiled litter daily, fully replace clumping litters weekly, and swap out bedding or fabric items every 2 weeks or whenever noticeably dirty. Washing accessories regularly will help control odor too.

Should I consider adopting an older ferret to save money? 

Adopting 1+-year-old ferrets is highly recommended to avoid the steepest vet costs of unforeseen baby ferret health issues. Just be sure to assess any pre-existing conditions of a rescue ferret before adopting.


What’s the yearly cost of ferret veterinary care? 

Annual checkups average $100-150 per ferret. Plus more for illness visits or any injury costs which are always possible with such active pets. Consider pet insurance and be prepared for $200+ in vet bills annually.

How long will a ferret live as a pet after buying from PetSmart? 

With proper care including quality diet and vet checks, Marshall-bred ferrets average 4-6 years but some live 8 years or more. Selecting healthy active pets and providing continual enriched care helps them thrive.

Why does ferret food cost so much more than cat food? 

High protein, animal-based kibbles formulated specifically for ferret nutritional needs are more expensive than basic cat foods but utterly vital to avoid illness and malnutrition for ferrets.

Are ferrets ever put on sale at PetSmart? 

Specials are rare and seasonal, usually tied to baby ferret “kits” arriving in spring/summer shipping seasons. Don’t select purely by sales though – prioritize health screening questions instead.

Can PetSmart special order ferrets? 

Yes, speak to associates in PetSmart’s specialty small animal sections to inquire about advanced requests for specific breeder-sourced ferrets.


Ultimately, ferrets require extensive research and financial planning before jumping into pet ownership. The initial purchase cost of $100+ for the average PetSmart ferret is just the beginning—expect spending upwards of $300+ in the first year alone on a proper cage, quality food, veterinary fees and essential supplies. Thereafter maintain readiness for $50+ in monthly expenses for one’s lifelong dietary needs, medical care, and enrichment accessories. While certainly not a wallet-friendly pet, ferrets can bring endless delight through their playful and enthralling antics. As long as prospective owners carefully weigh the considerable investment against one’s budget and lifestyle, a wonderful fuzzie friend may eagerly await you at your local PetSmart store.

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