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Where can I Buy a Pet Turtle? The 10 Best Places to Buy Turtle in the USA

Turtles can make great pets for the right owners. When looking to buy a pet turtle in the USA, you’ll want to make sure you find a reputable seller that treats the turtles humanely and helps you pick the right turtle for your needs. The phrase “Where can I buy a pet turtle in the USA” covers the key considerations – location in the USA and finding a quality pet turtle from a good source.

Buy a Pet Turtle

In this blog post, we cover the 10 best places where you can buy a pet turtle in the USA. These include national pet store chains, specialized turtle and reptile shops, as well as turtle breeders around the country. We’ll talk about what makes each one a good option for getting your new pet turtle.


Petco is one of the most popular national chains of pet supply stores located across the USA. Many Petco locations have live turtles for sale from quality breeders. The advantage of buying your turtle from Petco is they vet all their live animal providers to ensure good conditions for the animals. Their turtle selection varies by location, so call ahead to check. The Petco website also lists turtles for sale that can be shipped to one of their stores near you. Overall, Petco is a reliable source if you want the convenience of finding turtles at your local pet store.


Like Petco, Petsmart is a large US pet store chain where you can often find pet turtles for sale. They work with third-party partners to offer exotic pets like turtles, making sure they are captive-bred rather than wild-caught. The types of turtles at Petsmart vary quite a bit since it depends on the local providers they partner with. But they have a wide network across the USA, so if you let them know what type you want they can often track it down and have it shipped to your nearest store. For common popular species like red-eared sliders, they should have some on hand.


REPTILES by Mack is a pet store chain specializing in reptiles and amphibians found throughout Florida. With multiple locations across the state, they have become one of the leading retailers for turtles and tortoises in the USA. Their selection includes both aquatic turtles as well as terrestrial tortoises. Baby sulcata tortoises are quite popular. Buying from REPTILES by Mack ensures you get a healthy, captive-bred turtle from a very knowledgeable staff that specializes in reptiles. So for Floridians, these stores are often the top choice.

Turtle Source

Turtle Source breeds and sells the highest quality captive-bred aquatic turtles in the USA. Their breeding facility is located in Florida. Turtle Source has a reputation for healthy turtles set up with ideal habitats. Although they focus on shipping turtles to customers across the country, local pickup is available as well from their facility in Polk County, Florida. Turtle Source remains a small operation, concentrating on quality rather than quantity. Their popular turtle varieties for sale include yellow-bellied sliders, map turtles, and fly river turtles.

The Turtle Store

The Turtle Store is both an online retailer and physical store focused exclusively on pet turtles and turtle supplies. Their retail location is located in Rhode Island. They breed quality turtles out of their Rhode Island facilities as well. Their website lets you buy turtles online with overnight shipping available. Species available include red ear sliders, painted turtles, map turtles, and more. You can also find turtle habitats, lighting, heating accessories, and other products at The Turtle Store location or online to properly set up your turtle.

Carolina Pet Supply

Carolina Pet Supply operates two retail locations in North Carolina focused on exotic pets. They are known among reptile enthusiasts for their large selection of turtle species available. Species available have included alligator snapping turtles, spotted turtles, bog turtles, Barbour’s map turtles as well as more common species. Their captive-bred turtles are both healthy and affordable. For North Carolinians looking for “where can I buy a pet turtle near me”, either retail locations in Raleigh or Charlotte are worth checking out.

Under the Reptile Rainbow

California residents can check out Under the Reptile Rainbow, a pet store with two locations selling quality reptiles. They have an impressive collection of turtle species available, with over 30 different types often available. Species you can likely find for sale include spotted turtles, bog turtles, Blanding’s turtles, chicken turtles, musk turtles, and several species of mud turtles. Known for healthy captive-bred specimens, this pet store consistently receives rave reviews for its turtle selection and customer service.

Turtle Mart

Texas residents can visit Turtle Mart for a wide range of freshwater and terrestrial turtles for sale. With a focus on captive-bred turtles, they offer species including red-eared sliders, Russian tortoises, and more. Turtle Mart is located north of Dallas in Lewisville, Texas. Their prices are reasonable and they grow most species of turtle themselves. This helps ensure the health and quality of species like Florida softshell turtles, Mississippi mud turtles, and razor-backed musk turtles found at their store.

Turtle Shack

can I Buy a Pet Turtle

In the southwest USA, Turtle Shack is known for breeding and selling captive-bred tortoises and turtles out of Arizona. They often have threatened species available including star tortoises and pancake tortoises. Turtle Shack travels globally to work with private turtle breeders and zoos to create genetic diversity and availability for species like radiated tortoises otherwise hard to find in the USA. Their retail location in Tucson offers some species locally, while others can be shipped to states where they are legal as pets.

CPR Aquatica USA

Maryland residents can check out CPR Aquatica USA for exotic reptiles. This specialty pet store located in Ellicott City, Maryland has red-eared sliders, yellow-bellied sliders, Cumberland sliders, painted turtles, and map turtles frequently available. Their sliders and painted turtles in particular are popular choices for Maryland residents based on the selection and health of their store’s captive-bred turtles. They also stock adequate housing, heating lamps, filters, and other supplies to properly care for your new pet turtle.


I hope this list of places where you can buy pet turtles in the USA proves useful. Let us know if you have any other recommendations to add! Make sure you understand all the care requirements for whichever type of turtle you get before bringing it home. With proper research and sourcing your new friend from one of these turtle providers, you can have years of enjoyment with your new shelled companion.

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